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Autumn and winter Beedabei balcony boxes

They should be planted in August or September, so they are well rooted before the first frost. Even herbs such as rosemary or sage have always survived winter unscathed. Boxes planted later than September will most likely not survive the following winter.

However, the boxes have to be planted much denser because the plants won’t grow any further. For an 80cm (31.5inch) box you should consider planting up to six or seven plants depending on the species.

The soil should not be heavily fertilized. Do not use additional fertilizer.

Do not use water tanks because the water will freeze during winter which is not very conducive for plants.

The Beedabei boxes though are of sufficient volume and ideal for planting. Remove the intermediate bottom and drill four holes into it to ensure water drainage. After that a drainage layer (about 3cm/1inch) with Lecaton has to be applied before you add a final layer of potting soil.

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In winter, the boxes should be watered occasionally on frost-free days.

It is very important to water the plants before a longer period of frost.

I know that you might not dare to do that, but it is vital for the plants.

Should there be gaps in your balcony boxes by January or February because you had planted an autumn plant which died with the first frost… Don’t worry. There are enough frost-hardy varieties of plants or propagated bulb flowers which can be added in between the existing plants on frost-free days. And do not forget the watering.

I wish you all a beautiful blooming winter balcony.

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Beedabei supports the diversity of bees in the city. I consider this a good start, it is currently communicable because it concerns our very own existence. Because without bees, we are deprived of our food base.